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Carrollton Dental Services

Comprehensive Dental Care for all of Carrollton, GA

We are fortunate to have two dentists, Dr. Vautin and Dr. Forrest, with broad ranges of dental experience. Our services cover everything from annual preventive dentistry to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. While we understand that not all oral health problems can be avoided, our comprehensive dental services begin with preventive care. Preventive care plays a key role in identifying oral health problems as they arise, rather than waiting until they turn into an urgent, expensive need.

However, we realize that oral health problems can sneak up on our patients. So we offer a full list of restorative dentistry services to help get our patients oral health back to what it was before the problem arose.

We also understand that even if there isn’t an oral health problem, you may still have a desire to change something about your teeth to make your smile a little brighter or a little straighter. That’s why we offer our cosmetic dentistry services – we enjoy giving patients the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Regardless of which dental service you need, during your time at our office, we make sure that you receive the highest level of service and ensure that our dental work is of the highest quality.

General Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Just because you don’t currently have a problem with your teeth or gums, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be seeing a dentist. Regular checkups and dental hygiene routines are two things you can do to prevent oral health problems. If you don’t have a dentist to cover this part of your care, we are always welcoming new patients and would like to have the opportunity to help you prevent future oral health problems.

When it comes to general and preventive dentistry, our patients’ focus is on their teeth, but it’s important to remember that gums are equally as important when it comes to oral health. Because we understand the importance of healthy gums, we provide periodontal cleanings and treatments as a part of our general and preventive dentistry.

Our goal is to work with you to establish a dental hygiene routine that will keep your teeth healthy and white. For more information on the specific general and preventive dentistry services we provide, please visit our general and preventive dentistry page.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

If you’ve been self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth – whether it’s the color, shape, size, or alignment – our cosmetic services may be able to help. Both Dr. Vautin and Dr. Forrest specialize in creating youthful, attractive smiles from worn and crooked teeth.

We provide patients with tooth and gum recontouring, composite bonding, crown lengthening, porcelain veneers, smile whitening, and full-mouth restoration. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need – that’s OK. Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists and share your concerns.

For more information on the specific cosmetic dentistry services we provide, please visit our cosmetic dentistry page.

Restorative Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Over time, our oral health can disintegrate due to disease or aging. Accidents at any age can leave teeth chipped or cracked. Fortunately, your oral health and appearance don’t have to suffer, regardless of the circumstance.

Whether it’s the function of your teeth or the appearance, through one or more of our services, we’re able to get your bright, youthful smile back. We provide patients with fillings, crowns/bridges, partials, dentures, implants, endodontics, and oral surgery.

While restorative dentistry needs may be apparent when it comes to aesthetics, it’s important to remember that when the integrity of your teeth is starting to deteriorate, it may not always be something that’s noticeable until it worsens. In an attempt to minimize damaging effects on your oral health, we always recommend seeing a dentist for preventive care.

Regardless of whether you have a specific need, or are starting to have symptoms that concern you, the first step is to schedule an appointment. Our doctors will listen to your concerns and make the appropriate recommendations to restore your oral health.

For more information on the specific restorative dentistry services we provide, please visit our restorative dentistry page.

Botox & Dermal Fillers

Did you know Botox has extremely effective and efficient uses in the dentist office — specifically for patients struggling with facial pain and TMJ discomfort? Visit our Botox and Dermal Fillers page for more information.