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Why does your mouth need a deep cleaning, if you’re a dedicated brusher at home? Plaque and tartar on your teeth provide an environment that allows bacteria to thrive and multiply. It’s impossible to keep it all off of your teeth on your own, so a trip to the dentist for an exam gives you the deep cleaning you need to keep your teeth free of bacteria. If you don’t, the bacteria continues to build up and eventually causes swollen gums and gum bleeding. These are the first signs of gingivitis, a generative gum disease that, if left untreated, causes significant tooth and gum deterioration. The treatment for this is a simple visit with our hygienist and her Cavitron Scaler.

Hygiene is a big part of maintaining optimum oral health – not only in the office, but also at home. Our dental hygienists work with each patient to develop an individual plan for maintaining oral health between visits. In order to keep your oral health in its best shape, it’s essential to have regular checkups and be thorough with your dental hygiene at home.