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There are several reasons for you to consider being fitted for a mouthguard. The first, and most common is for athletes. Regardless of what contact sport you play, wearing a mouthguard protects your teeth, jaw, cheeks, tongue, and lips. They’ve even been shown to help decrease the risk of concussions!

In addition to athletes, many people grind their teeth (bruxism), either during the day, or at night. While some may solely be grinding their teeth, for others, there is a larger problem – sleep apnea.

Regardless of whether you’re an athlete, suffer from sleep apnea, or simply grind your teeth, bruxism can damage teeth and gums and irritate your jaw. The dental night guard, or mouthguard worn by athletes, provides a barrier between your top and bottom teeth on the field or while you sleep – preventing that damage. But not just any mouthguard will do. All of our dental night guards are created tailored to your mouth for optimum comfort and proper breathing. We take an impression of your teeth and a dental lab uses that to create your custom mouthguard. Our custom dental guards are durable – lasting many patients up to ten years.