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You may not recognize the term “endodontics,” but we’re sure you’ll recognize “root canal”. Endodontics is specifically the part of dentistry that involves the nerves of the teeth.

What is a root canal and why it is necessary? Teeth can become infected and when they do, it’s often in the root – or nerves – of the tooth. That’s what cause them to be so painful! To relieve you of the pain and remove the infection, the nerves have to be removed. The process of removing the infection is a root canal. Root canals are essential for two reasons – first, to relieve you of pain and second because if the infection isn’t removed it can become an abscess – a much more serious issue.

We know nobody likes to hear that they need a root canal, but technology has come a long way and between local anesthetics and pain medication you can have a root canal with little to no pain. We perform root canal treatments on anterior and premolars. If you need a molar root canal treatment, we’ll be happy to refer you to a specialist who can help.